Pharmacy Department

The Department of Pharmacy in every healthcare organization is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, disposal, safe and effective use, and control of medications.

The Department of Pharmacy in Grace Medical Centre strives to optimize patient care and improve patient quality of life by providing high-quality, cost-effective medicines/health aids and advanced pharmaceutical patient care/medication management services.

The mission is to provide all patients with cost-effective, compassionate, and high-quality pharmaceutical care, as well as complete guidance and counselling in all clinical areas. The vision is to be recognized as a regional leader in pharmaceutical care and a center of excellence in pharmaceutical care through quality services, effective resource management, and technological excellence through education and research.

Medicine prescriptions are reviewed and monitored by pharmacists, who check they are appropriate for the patient and condition being treated. Pharmacists are responsible for the co-ordination of medicine policies and guidelines throughout the hospital. It is also the main source of advice on medicine-related areas, such as formulary management and management of adverse drug reaction.

Our friendly staff is fluent in Pastho, Urdu and English. We understand you better to help you better.

Our Services:

  • The scope of pharmacy services includes:
  • Inpatient pharmacy Service
  • Ambulatory Care (OPD) Pharmacy Services
  • Drug & Poison Information Centre
  • Clinical Pharmacy Service
  • Surgical Supplies Distribution