Emergency Services

The Accident and Emergency Department offers services in Medicine, Surgeries & Gynae 24/7 round the clock all the week. The department comprises Surgical, Medicine, Orthopedic Departments, Emergency Triage, ICU, Trauma Center, ECG, Lab, Radiology etc. It receives individuals and mass traumas. Patients in precarious condition and with life-threatening /injuries and illnesses are provided medical cover in Emergency. The Emergency Department of GMC provides healthcare services in all specialties. Highly qualified and experienced consultants are hired and appointed and necessary services and facilities are provided under one roof to treat patients with grave injuries and save lives. Investigation services and provision of timely treatment are made available at A&E. High quality diagnostic care is provided in a safe and secure environment.

The emergency provides rapid assessment and management of critical injuries upon arrival. Patients with acute illness are examined by clinicians first than compared to individuals having minor injuries or less sever illness. Patients, after initial assessment are admitted to the hospital, stabilized and discharged if not needed any further investigation. Others are referred to the concerned wards for host of reasons including further diagnosis and treatment and kept under keen observation.

If you attend our Accident & Emergency Department you will meet on arrival by an experienced doctor/consultant who will carry out your health rapid assessment and management of start diagnostic and your immediate healthcare needs.

Qualified Technicians, Healthcare Assistants, attendants and other supportive staff in all emergency medicine and surgical specialties are also part of the Emergency Department and work as team to deal with any emergency.